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Explosion proof

In addition to ordinary lighting, the Vietnamese market is gradually familiar with explosion-proof lamps with outstanding and safety features. Among them is Seiwa's explosion-proof lamp.

Seiwa As a start-up brand for street and industrial lighting solutions, Seiwa has launched an impressive range of specialized lighting products. Seiwa products include explosion-proof lamps used in petrochemical and refining plants and other hazardous areas. Seiwa lamps have earned the trust of customers due to their durability and safety as well as their ability to withstand the rigors of various industrial environments.

At present, Seiwa's explosion-proof lamps, especially the product code LZBA400112V2, are popular because of their many advantages.

In addition to normal lighting, the LZBA400112V2 explosion-proof lamp is equipped with additional improvements to ensure the ability to prevent and fight fire when something goes wrong, specifically as follows:

- The lamp has a long form like an LED tube

- IP65 completely prevents the ingress of solid objects and water spray from all sides

- Usually used in specialized factories and factories of chemicals, petroleum, gas, …

- Led chip works stably, warranty period is 5 years according to manufacturer regulations

- Explosion resistance according to manufacturer's standards

- Full CO-CQ certification upon request


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